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I like wood projects.  I like building things by hand…

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TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

If you’re like me, you should get a kick out of this site.   I’ll continue adding to the site as I find the most practical as well as the most unique sources of wood projects on the Internet.

Woodworker in the cockpitMy name is Wayne Miller.  I’m a retired EMS helo pilot and now, an “internet-opportunist” (trying to key a new word here).  I love wood projects…  During the 80’s, Ellen (my loving wife of 38 years) and I designed and manufactured 1700’s reproduction furniture.  We also designed and built reproduction 1700’s houses.  I’ve been fiddling around with wood projects forever.

I learned so much about early woodworking and tooling back then, but it’s “water over the dam,” so to speak… and I haven’t been involved with wood projects for years.   Thus the reason for building this site.

I know there are others like me who love the feel of wood and appreciate the value of things made with your own hands.

This site is dedicated to do-it-yourself wood projects that can become family heirlooms to be given to your kids, or your grand-kids, and passed on for generations.  I’ll also be looking for cool and unusual (usually from Europe) wood toys, Christmas decorations, doll houses, and whatever else is already being manufactured; heirloom quality finds that can only be located with a lot of effort.  Of course, not everyone’s sensibilities are the same as mine, but I’ll be putting up the kind’s of wooden things that Ellen (who grew up in Germany) and I have in common and have always loved.   I hope you enjoy these wood projects.

Wood ProjectsThe wood projects you find here are links to other sites and I get paid to send customers their way, so if you click on any of my wood projects here and you buy from there, it helps keep my lights on and I truly thank you. And not to throw you off by changing the subject, but for anyone who is in the position (as I am) of looking to create a revenue stream of any kind for your family, please consider doing what I’m doing here.  Affiliate marketing is a real source of income and the link I’m providing at the bottom of each page to GoogleSNIPER is a must see.

But it’s easy to find wood projects, especially on the Internet, you say…

You’re absolutely right.  Am I out of my mind? Let’s face it.  The Internet has thousands of places to find really good wood projects.  Just Google “wood projects” and there are over 1 million choices.  The Internet has 1000’s of places to find anything!


But, damn it, everything looks the same!   I remember my Army days in the late 60’s and being so excited about bringing a Soldier Nutcracker home from West Germany as a Christmas gift for my mother.   It was unique, beautiful, cool, handmade and there was nothing like it in the US.

Google “German nutcracker” today…   Or just go to the local Christmas Tree shop.  It’s there, in rows, made in Taiwan probably, and yes, they are still cool, but what’s special about anything any more?

I can say that I won’t overwhelm you with choices, because as I research, I find that it would be easy to do.   I’m sending you to Ted’s Woodworking Plans as a great resource for more than 16,000 really well laid out plans for as many wood projects as you can think of. If you’re looking to build a cool picnic table, he has one… or ten.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

For tools, hardware, plans and all other supplies, I’m sending you to Rockler and they have great wood projects to look at. They’ve been around forever with a reputation that is unrivaled.

Many of my wood projects will be from Jim Barry up there in Nova Scotia.  His is another reputable and trusted site for all things wood.

Another excellent provider of great wood projects is The Winfield Collection.  Like this cool little tractor. This link will take you to their site.

So now, meet Ms Dove Tail (that is her name… Really!), my lovely assistant. She’s not a woodworker herself, but she knows a lot about a man’s tools.

Ms Dove's wood projects

Being as there will be folks visiting with a wide range of skill levels, Ms Dove will provide shop tool definitions to make things a bit clearer.   Okay, the definitions are really from Jim Barry’s website, but they’re just too good to skip.

Keep an eye out for her…  She’ll be on every page with clear descriptions and educational tid-bits on the use of your tools.


Nut Cracker wood projectdA German Nutcracker, built by Grandpa himself, given to little Ellie (my granddaughter’s name, so insert whatever name is appropriate) dressed and painted specially for her…  Now that’s cool (and I haven’t found authentic plans yet).  But maybe that’s not what’s important here.

 Buckboard wood projectsA Buckboard wagon (wow… a buckboard wagon)?  This plan is on a lot of very good websites, but what’s important is dad (or grandpop) spending hours in the garage building it for Ryan (my grandson’s name) and it’s waiting under the tree on Christmas morning.  It don’t matter how many sites it’s on. It’s just plain really cool.

I’ll break down the site into categories, almost all being woodworking projects.  I’ll keep looking for those hard to find woodworking gems that are worth your time and pick out pans that are already out there, but I really like.  There will be categories for tools and a category for already manufactured wooden items.

Beer hoodie wood projectsOther categories? Why not, I say…   Beer pocket hoodies?  Not while yer operating that shaper, buddy…  but afterwards…  As I progress, who know what other categories may appear.  (I love vintage aviation – hmm… ) This is work in progress and a labor of love.

I’LL EVEN THROW A small PAGE IN ABOUT ME (Ganpop), MY WIFE (Omi) & MY FAMILY (eventually)

Ms Dove's wood projects


I am real.  This is a start-up, so please have patience.  Really consider affiliate marketing and checkout the link below. I do care that you enjoy the wood projects and find value in stopping by.

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