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Well…  You gotta have a shop.  You gotta have some tools.  That means cabinets to store stuff in and peg boards to hang stuff on and a work bench to do stuff.  Right?

Well, building your dream workshop is has ever been easier.  Take a look and visit my affiliate sites for a complete selection of everything you’ll ever need.

The Acorn Workbench Woodworking Plan

Scott Landis in his Taunton Book, The Workbench Book, said that this was the very best American Designed bench on the market. The Acorn bench has a full-width end vise and a double row of dog holes. A face vise of the same design is mounted flush with the opposite end of bench. The vises are supported with steel guide rods which assure you of years of trouble free use. This is a bench that will be passed to future generations of your family. Information included on where to course all of the hardware required to build this bench. Skill level. Beginner/ Intermediate.
Designer: Peter Shapiro is recognized by many as the most prolific workbench manufacturer in America. Under the Acorn Design Trademark over 800 benches have left Peter’s shop. Today, Peter supervises the woodworking facility for the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and creates the casework that holds some of the finest art and relics of the world. Peter lives with his family in California.

Price: USD 19.95

Tool Cabinet Woodworking Plan

This is wow… This design has been featured in many magazines and plans have been requested for the past few years. Besides being a unique storage area for your tools, this project will represent your craftsmanship for future generations. Skill level Intermediate. Designer: Andy Rae – Andy has been a Senior Editor for American Woodworker Magazine. He apprenticed with George Nakashima and Frank Klausz. In 1990 he received a Fellowship grant from the New Jersey Council for the Arts and today is a leading designer and furniture maker on the East Coast. Andy’s studio and shop are in Leicester, North Carolina.

Price:  USD 19.95

Tool Chest Woodworking Plan

This is a Union tool chest with the original carry box. This tool chest is assembled from quarter-sawn white oak (you can use other material) with finger joints. Each of the drawers runs on wooden rails, which fit flush in the case. The front of each drawer has a small detail, which today, as then, is made with a scratch tool. We detail the tool in the instructions. The drawers are staggered in size from the top to the bottom and when finished they are lined with green felt. There is a locking front door to the chest that stores under the bottom drawer when not in use. The carry box is made of white pine and the construction is quite simple. It also has a locking door. When you complete this project you will own an exact reproduction of a tool chest that set the standard for excellence for many craftsmen at the turn of the century. Carry Box is 16 inches high x 29.25 inches wide x 12.5 inches deep.

Price:  USD 17.95

The Shop Combo Woodworking Plan Set

Combo price for three workshop plans The Acorn Workbench, Tool Cabinet and Tool Chest. The Acorn bench has a full-width end vise (not included) and a double row of dogholes. The Tool Cabinet design has been featured in many magazines and plans have been requested for the past few years. It is the Largest piece at 80 inches high x 36 inches wide x 16 inches deep. The Tool Chest is a Union tool chest with its original carry box.  Very cool…

Price:  USD 52.80

Of course, hit on any of these products and you’ll find a plethora of added plans & ideas.

Woodworkers Tool Chest Woodworking Plan

In days gone by, to become a journeyman woodworker, an apprentice had to pass one final test. He had to use his new skills to craft a tool chest. If his master approved of his work, the apprenticeship ended, and the chest became a sales tool to show off the journeymans talent. Let this handsome chest when completed do the same for you.

Price:  USD 8.95

Multi-Function Shop Stand

Add an inexpensive, heavy-duty work stand to your shop with this Rockler exclusive! Our innovative, universal design lets you build up to 15 different sizes of shop stands.

This is an extensive page including links to all the tools, organizers, accessories & books you could ever want for your woodworking shop.

Panel Saw Plan

Cut large stock accurately and save hundreds compared to other systems when you build your own pro-quality saw with our plan and hardware kit.

Price USD 3.95

Mortise and Tenon Joints Woodworking Plan

The jig plan guarantees your success! If you have shied away from mortise-and-tenon joinery because it sounds too complicated, take heart. With our tenoning jig and a little practice, you can turn out…

Price: USD 8.95

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

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